Sonnet VII

  Shall I compare you to a summer sunrise? You are more fiery and fair. Illuminating more flowers with your chocolate eyes Shining more through your glossy hair.       Shall I rather compare you to a lunar eclipse? Poet, philosopher, work of art. Profound questions wax more from your lips. More shadow covers … Continue reading Sonnet VII

On President’s Day: A Poem

Pardon me a moment; I’ve got something to say. Shhh, honey, don’t interrupt. Mommy’s talking; Now, what was I saying? Oh, yes. I want a woman president today!     I want a president who knows firsthand How to maintain professionalism On a conference call from home While wiping a child’s runny nose. Her decisions … Continue reading On President’s Day: A Poem

Death by Mountain Lion

People ask me if I’m afraid to live with my kids out in the woods with all the dangers. Aren't I afraid of mountain lions? I guess people don’t stop to think how much more danger they put their kids in by driving them to soccer practice. In fact, nobody, not one single person, has … Continue reading Death by Mountain Lion

For Instant Spring, Just Add Water

It's spring everywhere! After a drought, the few bursts of rain have brought everything to life. For instant spring, just add water. The creek is flowing. The ponds are full. Mallards are paired up. Garter snakes are mating. California newts are laying their egg sacs. Pacific Toads are slugging their way to the pond. Pacific … Continue reading For Instant Spring, Just Add Water