Raising DIY People

You know what's the best thing about doing it uneven? You can't make a mistake." —Stella, 10   That's what Stella told me yesterday when she decided to cut her own hair. She figured she would give herself an uneven style because that would be interesting and different and very Stella-ish. Most kids have cut … Continue reading Raising DIY People

Used: A Secondhand Fashion Show

In our culture, shopping has become a pastime. Not something you do in order to get something you need. For a lot of people, shopping is entertainment. A destination for socialization and fun. That's what makes it hard for some people to consider getting things used. It's simply not a part of their lifestyle. Especially … Continue reading Used: A Secondhand Fashion Show

Score Another One for Homeschooling

We homeschool, but on the books we're public school students. We run our homeschool through an independent study charter school, Ocean Grove. In exchange for meeting with an Education Specialist once a month to sign attendance (as if you could be absent from homeschool!), submitting work samples, taking one CA state test, and writing one … Continue reading Score Another One for Homeschooling

Putting Up the Dome: Part Five

Give me a lever long enough and a fulcrum on which to place it, and I shall move the world."  —Archimedes With the main structure of the dome up, we worked into the evening on Sunday to put the hoop door in. Some of the struts had to be removed and then replaced with the … Continue reading Putting Up the Dome: Part Five

Almost Wimping Out

For a while there, it got hard. Really hard. I almost wimped out. I went so far as to tell Mauricio that I wanted to rent an apartment for the winter. Not sure what I was really expecting out here, but I didn't expect myself to wimp out so quickly. I mean, I spent two … Continue reading Almost Wimping Out

Homeschool: Are We Doing the Right Thing?

I think all homeschoolers ask that question at one time or another. Sometimes, in my case, several times a day, as I wing my way through this great experiment on my kids, so inadequately called homeschooling. Then bam! Five-year-old Cece nonchalantly slips in some juicy vocab: "Giovanni, please don't utter another word." Or seven-year-old Giovanni … Continue reading Homeschool: Are We Doing the Right Thing?