Putting Up the Temporary Outdoor Kitchen: Part One

That's it! That's it! I'm outta here. If you've been following our mouse saga, you know I have not yet figured out how to build a better mouse trap to humanely and successfully capture the squatters in our RV. After finding mouse poop IN CELESTE'S BED, I finally admitted defeat and ceded victory to the … Continue reading Putting Up the Temporary Outdoor Kitchen: Part One

Death by Mountain Lion

People ask me if I’m afraid to live with my kids out in the woods with all the dangers. Aren't I afraid of mountain lions? I guess people don’t stop to think how much more danger they put their kids in by driving them to soccer practice. In fact, nobody, not one single person, has … Continue reading Death by Mountain Lion

Saying Goodbye to the Minivan

If there's one symbol of overwrought suburban life, it's gotta be the minivan. When we decided get ours, I had absolutely no reservations about sacrificing my cool image as I got in the minivan. First of all, rocking the mom-ponytail in my hair and spit-up on my shoulder, I no longer had a cool image. … Continue reading Saying Goodbye to the Minivan