Pacing Ourselves: Taking Time to Play

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The No-Progress Report: STILL IN THE RV, and not yet in the dome.

There’s a lot left to do still before we can live in it: build out the sleeping area, put in kitchen facilities, insulate it (dome without insulation or ventilation = greenhouse), put in a wood stove. Part of what’s holding us up are funds and our commitment to building on a cash-only basis without going into debt EVER AGAIN. Another part is that July is HOT and building can be pretty miserable.

But mostly it’s that we’ve needed a break from building to do some living. We’re pacing ourselves.

One of the hardest things I’ve had to come to terms with is what folks up here call Mountain Time. That’s the idea that things simply go slower and take way longer than the urban/suburban norm. Kind of a tough concept to adapt to, given that our lives have revolved around Silicon Valley time, still only a half hour drive or a laptop away.

It can be maddening not to be making progress. On the other hand, embracing the down time has allowed us simply to have some slow fun.

The rope swing over the pond is still a family fave.


Not to mention the go-cart, which the Director of Recreational Activities bought used last year, prioritizing it over building materials. Eh-hem.


Then there’s our beloved creek.

IMG_6556-XL IMG_6703-XL IMG_6561-XL

Plus a new zip line, hacked from an old roller skate wheel and scrap cable Mauricio snagged from work. (This is an early prototype with a pulley that had too much friction.)


And – something we’ve largely avoided until recently, because it cut into our weekend building time – having friends over to share some of that slow fun with us.

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And finally, a visit with my family in Chicago, which has not happened in four years (for shame).

IMG_9629 IMG_9574 IMG_9922 IMG_9900

Last but not least, not building in every free moment has meant giving time to other creative pursuits, like writing music and rocking out on my decidedly not-off-grid electric guitar with some really awesome women in our band, Sound of Lashes.

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For a get-it-done person like me, it’s not easy to let go of making progress and marking time by marking off things on the to-do list. Not sure that’ll ever completely change.

But, as you can see, we haven’t been suffering too much from lollygagging, either.