My Ridiculously Minimalist Investment Strategy

My second installment on post-consumer finances is about how we simplified our investing and at the same time got it flowing more efficiently. Through years of dabbling in personal financial research, I came up with my own post-consumer investment strategy. Mind you, I’m no math whiz or money expert, so do your own homework, will … Continue reading My Ridiculously Minimalist Investment Strategy

Why I Switched From a Bank to a Credit Union

I never used to think twice about what bank held my money. Citibank had the closest branch, so it was a no-brainer. The problem with no-brainers is that, by definition, you don't think about something, that sometimes, you really should. I wasn't all that happy with Citibank, as they tended to sneak fees in there … Continue reading Why I Switched From a Bank to a Credit Union

Raising DIY People

You know what's the best thing about doing it uneven? You can't make a mistake." —Stella, 10   That's what Stella told me yesterday when she decided to cut her own hair. She figured she would give herself an uneven style because that would be interesting and different and very Stella-ish. Most kids have cut … Continue reading Raising DIY People

Pacing Ourselves: Taking Time to Play

The No-Progress Report: STILL IN THE RV, and not yet in the dome. There's a lot left to do still before we can live in it: build out the sleeping area, put in kitchen facilities, insulate it (dome without insulation or ventilation = greenhouse), put in a wood stove. Part of what's holding us up … Continue reading Pacing Ourselves: Taking Time to Play

One Year In

Well, this week, it's been a year since we sold Someone Else's American Dream and moved to the sticks. Been quite a year. Among the hardest of my life, in fact, in spite of what the idyllic pictures may lead you to believe. Right up there with the year I went into the Peace Corps … Continue reading One Year In