My Outhouse is Better Than Your Bathroom: The Shouthouse Completed


I am about to totally change what you think about outhouses.

The backstory: We put up a geodesic dome. We need a few basic things to be able to move into it. One of those is bathroom facilities. Hence the Shouthouse (shower + outhouse).

After breaking our heads for months on the design/build, the Shouthouse is complete. And, I never thought I’d say this about an outhouse, but: It’s Uh-may-zing.

C’mon in and have a look around. Here are all the reasons my Shouthouse is better than your bathroom.



Reason #1: Water pressure.



Our water is gravity fed from our rainwater holding tanks up the hill. We get great water pressure without a pump and without paying a water bill. And, ooh, it’s so deliciously heated by propane (soon to be converted to solar water heater), that it’s nearly impossible to get yourself out of there to conserve water.

Reason #2: Salvaged (FREE!) materials.



Framed with free wood from Craigslist. A shower curtain rod made from scrap EMT pipe salvaged from Mauricio’s job site. Rocks and a piece of stone slate found in a rubble pile.

Reason #3: Solar-powered lighting.


Reason #4: Heated towels.




My clever mountain man devised this swiveling towel rack from scrap EMT pipe. We heat the room with a propane space heater, which, when you pull out the swiveling towel rack, simultaneously heats your gorgeous linen towel. Brilliant.

Reason #5: Water-free composting toilet.


I was skeptical. I know you are, too. But I can honestly say with proof of concept, that, in fact, my s!@# does not stink. Actually, it smells quite lovely, thanks to the redwood beam and the non-toxic tung oil finish. Plus a hearty scoop of sawdust, free from the lumber yard.

Reason #6: Non-toxic finish.


The Shouthouse not only has a sweet-smelling, eco-friendly wood finish. It’s got ambiance.

Reason #7: Amenities.




Oh, and hey, if you really want to feel clean, you ought to try my friend Robin’s luscious, handmade, fair-trade Frustrated Farmgirl soap that you see in that last photo.

So what do you think? Did I change what you think about outhouses?

7 thoughts on “My Outhouse is Better Than Your Bathroom: The Shouthouse Completed

  1. Gorgeous! And it looks like you got the wood to curve around the sides, too, which I know from your other posts takes effort. Has a kind of a Finnish spa look to it — total luxury!


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