Putting Up the Dome: Part Four

Ben Franklin came up with some awesome ideas, but daylight savings is not one of them. With the time change kicking in, Mauricio arrives home right as the darkness does. Eager to get the show on the road, or rather, the dome on the platform, and with the weekend and rain on the way, he rigged up a light with the generator, so we could get started in the middle of the week. It was pretty cold, but really exciting for the whole family to pitch in on getting the first row of the dome up, which I got a better picture of the next morning.

IMG_3815 IMG_3814 IMG_3811 IMG_3819 IMG_3820

The next night, Mauricio got the next row in place on his own while we were out.


On Saturday, we went to an all-weekend workshop on permaculture, which had some really cool and useful information, but just as much circling up and sharing of gratitude. Now, I went to Berkeley, and I can appreciate that kind of connecting with the universe that Mauricio calls “kum-ba-yah-ing,” but we were looking for the crash course of info, and we had a dome to put up. So the next day, we blew it off, picked up the kids from his parents’ and committed to getting that dome up TODAY. Apart from the requisite frustrations that come with working so closely as a family, it was a total team effort, with the kids putting together bolts and handing up the right posts according to the dome plan. I overheard Stella asking Cece what 5×3 was and Cece using bolt manipulatives to figure it out.

IMG_3943 IMG_3949 IMG_3965 IMG_3984 IMG_4007 IMG_3995 IMG_4022

It only took about two or three hours to finish putting up the dome. The kids were waiting eagerly for the green light. Then we got a chance to test Buckminster’s assertions about the strength of the dome structure. Our family’s version of kum-ba-yah.

IMG_4038 IMG_4062 IMG_4066 IMG_4073 IMG_4079 IMG_4093

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