Ode to Giovanni


Sing in me, Muse,

and tell the story of that boy,

skilled in ways not measured by tests;

that lifter of rocks and low spirits;

who reads not books, but hearts;


Giovanni The Gentle-Hearted.

Giovanni of the Trees.

Giovanni The Fleet of Foot.

Giovanni Who Watches the Bees.


Giovanni The Agile.

Giovanni, Savior of Spiders.


Giovanni Finds-a-lot.

Giovanni, Catcher of Lizards.

Giovanni, The Great Figure-Outter.

Giovanni d’Avion de Papier.

Giovanni, Skipper of Stones.

Giovanni Who Smiles with Whole Face.

Giovanni Who Sees What You Just Passed By.


One thought on “Ode to Giovanni

  1. Giovanni, who is patient, and intentionally so. He told me once that he finds and catches more creatures because he keeps looking when everyone else has given up. I was impressed with his patience, but more so with his self-awareness! Awesome kid – and remember, he also knows that he is one of my favorite little dudes! 🙂


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