The Road Not Taken. Yet.

Two roads diverged in a wood, and I—I took the one less traveled by,

And that has made all the difference.

—Robert Frost

Welp, the house is sold. The things are packed. The land is ours!


Last Friday, we closed on our home and land and packed up the last of our things. We managed to downsize our 2000 square foot home and fit everything our family of five owns into a 16′ storage container. In spite of downsizing for the past year, with at least a dozen pick-up truck trips to Goodwill along the way, multiple Freecycle listings, and lots of giving away to people we know, we still found ourselves with stuff, stuff, stuff. Nothing like moving to make you see how much you really have. Which, in our case, is still too much.


After a last trip to Goodwill and the public library to return books, we drove away from our home, not with sadness, but with excitement and hope. We drove straight to our land, an hour away and up a half-mile dirt road—our literal road less traveled by—and did a collective, family happy dance.

We  flopped, exhausted, in a hotel that night, with a good plan in place to pick up our solar-powered RV and truck that we were buying from Craigslist the next morning. And that was the beginning of the next chapter of our adventure. Because, due to DMV issues about transferring an out-of-state title to a new owner, without the previous owner’s loan being paid off first, the deal fell through. So on Day One, we were officially houseless (as opposed to homeless, according to Stella’s definition).

We’ve spent the past week in hotels and on Mauricio’s parents’ apartment floor. We’d only brought enough clothing and stuff for one night, so we’re pretty bedraggled. AND we had to find another RV to live in, ASAP. Luckily, we’re still in adventure mode, and our resilience and creativity kicked in. No feeling sorry for ourselves here. This is what we signed up for. In spite of the 100-degree heat wave, the kids have been surprisingly most awesome and go-with-the-flow. I mean, I’ve dragged them everywhere, as we worked out the Plan B details. A hotel pool with frogs and fourth of July fireworks didn’t hurt.


We managed to find a better RV that checked off more of our criteria, including that it be used. We’re having solar panels installed and are picking it up today.

We think.

We hope.

That thing better be ready. I’m so ready to take that road.

4 thoughts on “The Road Not Taken. Yet.

  1. So happy I stumbled upon your blog – it’s lovely and I think your family and lifestyle are simple beautiful!
    Do you live in California? Maybe I haven’t come across that post yet, but I was just wondering where you location was because of the climate and RV living.


    1. Thanks so much for the lovely comment. In fact, we do live in CA. We’re in the Bay Area, near San Jose–close enough to go to the opera and still have a rural experience. Sounds like you’re also in CA?


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