Instead of Stuff: The Gift of Handwritten

So Christmas was yesterday. With all the day-after sales, folks are out en force shopping some more.

Christmas was yesterday. And I still have another thought on gift-giving. Blame it on my friend. She sent me this most amazing email:

“You’re receiving this email because L’s birthday is coming up (Dec 27). He’s turning 40 and I was hoping we could all work together to make him feel what he is: loved & one of a kind. All of you are either his family and friends or have some how been touched by his special ways in the world.

So I’m inviting you to take a bit of time to write something to him and send it by regular post. Yep, something with a stamp on it. He loves sending and receiving handwritten letters and notes.

It’s up to you to decide what you want to send: a letter, a few lines scribbled on a torn out magazine page, a post-card, a picture that made you think of him, a memory, a story, something that will make him laugh, make him think of you, make him not think at all…whatever you want.

If you could do it this week so he has a chance to get it by his birthday that would be fantastic. But mail after the 27th is very welcome as well. The most important thing is that you thought of him and made the effort to stamp an envelope.

I’ll be holding on to our post-box key and collect the letters and give it all to him on his birthday.”

Yeah, I’m a complete sucker for that kind of thing, but this email really got me. The kind of got-me that made me wish I would have thought of it. The kind of got-me that really made me think.

What if, instead of the pre-printed Christmas card or computer-printed holiday letter where we talk about ourselves, we wrote a handwritten note to say what we love about someone else?

What if, instead of a gift, we took the time to handwrite a note of love and appreciation and then stamp it instead of hitting send?

What if we just did that sort of thing for each other every once in a while instead of waiting for a birthday, or Christmas (or the day after)?

What if I actually took the time to write that more often instead of a blog post? Hmmm. . .

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