Make the Bed in 30 Seconds

IMG_9049 copy

One of my simple pleasures is crawling into a made bed under fresh, clean sheets.

Not that I ever made my bed. Does anybody?

I do now. I’ve simplified it so much, I can do it in under 30 seconds, the moment I get out of bed.

First of all, I did away with that wretched duvet cover that never quite fit right, so that the comforter inside kept slipping around, all topsy turvy. Next I did away with the under blanket and the flat sheet. Finally, I got two white shams that double as pillow cases.

So now, when I get out of bed, I just give the comforter a shake and a straighten, and throw the pillows on top. Nothing else to tuck, straighten, arrange, fold over, or make. I really like how the naked comforter looks–so minimal and white. And I especially love how a made bed makes me feel like I have my act together during the day. Once a week or two, I just throw two pillow cases, a fitted sheet, and the comforter in the wash.

Now I slide into a made bed every night. Under sheets that are usually clean.

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