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What Happens When You Take Responsibility for Your Own Garbage

One of the catalysts to shifting our thinking about our consumerism was an eye-opening tour of our local waste transfer facility. Since then, we’ve been working toward zero waste to varying degrees. By… Continue reading

How to Make a Simple Composting Toilet

The following has been rated PG, Pretty Gross, by the Mainstream Potty Association of America. You’ve been forewarned. The kids and I slept in sleeping bags in the dome for the first few… Continue reading

All Systems Go. Kinda, Sorta.

Nobody said this was going to be easy. Our first week on the land was all about getting our systems up and running. Shelter, check. Water: We have running water from our 10,000… Continue reading

What to Do with a Spare Sock and a Spare Afternoon

What do I love about these little guys? Not that they’re zero-waste and made with recycled materials. Not that I didn’t have to buy a single thing to make ’em, thanks to odds… Continue reading

Darn. The Lost Art of Mending and Hemming.

I hemmed a pair of Giovanni’s pants today. First time. How I managed to get through nine years and three kids without hemming a single pair of pants, I don’t know. Actually, I… Continue reading

How to De-Clutter the Mailbox

Have you noticed that when you go to the store or open a catalog, you suddenly see all kinds of things you want? Things that you never knew you wanted? De-cluttering the mailbox,… Continue reading