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How to Empty a Composting Toilet: TMI Alert

We built the most awesome composting toilet, based on the Humanure Handbook, with some of our own mods. At first, we were skeptical that it would a) not reek, and b) not be… Continue reading

My Outhouse is Better Than Your Bathroom: The Shouthouse Completed

I am about to totally change what you think about outhouses. The backstory: We put up a geodesic dome. We need a few basic things to be able to move into it. One… Continue reading

Putting Up the Shower/ Outhouse, Part Two

I’ve noticed that our building progress goes in spurts. Our building flurry follows with some downtime while we attend to other life events. So it has been with putting up the shower/outhouse, after… Continue reading

Putting Up the Shower/ Outhouse: Part One

You lose a lot of battles but you just have to win one more than you lose. That’s all there is to winning.” — Roxanne Quimby, Burt’s Bees founder So we need a… Continue reading