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How to Empty a Composting Toilet: TMI Alert

We built the most awesome composting toilet, based on the Humanure Handbook, with some of our own mods. At first, we were skeptical that it would a) not reek, and b) not be… Continue reading

What Happens When You Take Responsibility for Your Own Garbage

One of the catalysts to shifting our thinking about our consumerism was an eye-opening tour of our local waste transfer facility. Since then, we’ve been working toward zero waste to varying degrees. By… Continue reading

How Consumerism Deprives Us of Creativity

Before all this, I used to buy shoes like they were going out of style. Um, yeah. You know what I mean. I bought into that silly concept that you can never have… Continue reading

What to Do with a Spare Sock and a Spare Afternoon

What do I love about these little guys? Not that they’re zero-waste and made with recycled materials. Not that I didn’t have to buy a single thing to make ’em, thanks to odds… Continue reading