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For Instant Spring, Just Add Water

It’s spring everywhere! After a drought, the few bursts of rain have brought everything to life. For instant spring, just add water. The creek is flowing. The ponds are full. Mallards are paired… Continue reading

Score Another One for Homeschooling

We homeschool, but on the books we’re public school students. We run our homeschool through an independent study charter school, Ocean Grove. In exchange for meeting with an Education Specialist once a month… Continue reading

Putting Up the Dome: Part Five

Give me a lever long enough and a fulcrum on which to place it, and I shall move the world.”  —Archimedes With the main structure of the dome up, we worked into the… Continue reading

Putting Up the Dome: Part Four

Ben Franklin came up with some awesome ideas, but daylight savings is not one of them. With the time change kicking in, Mauricio arrives home right as the darkness does. Eager to get… Continue reading

Putting Up the Dome: Part Three

With the foundation completed, we were ready to lay down the flooring. The plans call for simply laying plywood, but we wanted the floor to be more finished and thought the plywood would… Continue reading

Homeschool: Are We Doing the Right Thing?

I think all homeschoolers ask that question at one time or another. Sometimes, in my case, several times a day, as I wing my way through this great experiment on my kids, so… Continue reading