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What the Heck Do We Do With All Those Toys?

If you’ve got kids, then you know a huge part of your clutter comes from all the toys and kid stuff. I’m not talking about just what’s in the toy box. They’re all… Continue reading

Letting Go of Books

“The Library is a wilderness of books.” —Henry David Thoreau I have a master’s degree in English. I’m a homeschooling parent. Books aren’t only important to my daily life. They’re tied up in… Continue reading

How to De-Clutter the Mailbox

Have you noticed that when you go to the store or open a catalog, you suddenly see all kinds of things you want? Things that you never knew you wanted? De-cluttering the mailbox,… Continue reading

How to De-Clutter the Bedroom Closet

Do I Need It? Do I Use It? Do I Love It? I thought the most logical place to get started with The Great De-Clutter would be the bedroom closet. If you’re like… Continue reading