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Saying Goodbye to the Minivan

If there’s one symbol of overwrought suburban life, it’s gotta be the minivan. When we decided get ours, I had absolutely no reservations about sacrificing my cool image as I got in the… Continue reading

Used: A Secondhand Fashion Show

In our culture, shopping has become a pastime. Not something you do in order to get something you need. For a lot of people, shopping is entertainment. A destination for socialization and fun.… Continue reading

What Happens When You Take Responsibility for Your Own Garbage

One of the catalysts to shifting our thinking about our consumerism was an eye-opening tour of our local waste transfer facility. Since then, we’ve been working toward zero waste to varying degrees. By… Continue reading

How Consumerism Deprives Us of Creativity

Before all this, I used to buy shoes like they were going out of style. Um, yeah. You know what I mean. I bought into that silly concept that you can never have… Continue reading

Putting Up the Dome: Part Three

With the foundation completed, we were ready to lay down the flooring. The plans call for simply laying plywood, but we wanted the floor to be more finished and thought the plywood would… Continue reading

Gearing Up for Living in the Sticks

After spending the last year or so downsizing, decluttering and not buying, it doesn’t sit quite right to be in a phase of getting and spending. But the stuff we needed in the… Continue reading