Monthly Archive: May, 2014

How to Make a DIY Rotary Clothesline

High on my laundry list of things to do has been, well, laundry. We’ve been going to the laundromat weekly, which has been a) time consuming and b) expensive, costing us from $60-$80… Continue reading

Our First Garden Success

We have grown our own food! Okay, so it presently amounts to a handful of fava beans and enough arugula to make one not-so-measly salad. But, hey, enough to make at least part… Continue reading

How to Empty a Composting Toilet: TMI Alert

We built the most awesome composting toilet, based on the Humanure Handbook, with some of our own mods. At first, we were skeptical that it would a) not reek, and b) not be… Continue reading