Monthly Archive: April, 2014

5 Useful Apps for Post-Consumers

Please excuse the post title. The “How to Write a Better Blog Post” gurus say lists like that make better titles. Supposedly people search for that kind of thing. Seems kinda silly to… Continue reading

Used: A Secondhand Fashion Show

In our culture, shopping has become a pastime. Not something you do in order to get something you need. For a lot of people, shopping is entertainment. A destination for socialization and fun.… Continue reading

My Outhouse is Better Than Your Bathroom: The Shouthouse Completed

I am about to totally change what you think about outhouses. The backstory: We put up a geodesic dome. We need a few basic things to be able to move into it. One… Continue reading

What Happens When You Take Responsibility for Your Own Garbage

One of the catalysts to shifting our thinking about our consumerism was an eye-opening tour of our local waste transfer facility. Since then, we’ve been working toward zero waste to varying degrees. By… Continue reading