Monthly Archive: March, 2014

Flipping the 30-Year Mortgage the Bird

Speaking of birds, check out this dude who was strutting his stuff outside yesterday. Anyway, about the 30-year mortgage. When we bought our first home, we walked willingly, even giddily, into the 30-year… Continue reading

Putting Up the Shower/ Outhouse, Part Two

I’ve noticed that our building progress goes in spurts. Our building flurry follows with some downtime while we attend to other life events. So it has been with putting up the shower/outhouse, after… Continue reading

How to Build a Better Mousetrap. (I don’t have the answer.)

Okay, so it’s not all birds and flowers and springtime over here. In the interest of sharing a more honest picture of life out in the sticks, I figured you ought to know… Continue reading

How Consumerism Deprives Us of Creativity

Before all this, I used to buy shoes like they were going out of style. Um, yeah. You know what I mean. I bought into that silly concept that you can never have… Continue reading

For Instant Spring, Just Add Water

It’s spring everywhere! After a drought, the few bursts of rain have brought everything to life. For instant spring, just add water. The creek is flowing. The ponds are full. Mallards are paired… Continue reading