Monthly Archive: December, 2012

What to Do with a Spare Sock and a Spare Afternoon

What do I love about these little guys? Not that they’re zero-waste and made with recycled materials. Not that I didn’t have to buy a single thing to make ’em, thanks to odds… Continue reading

Darn. The Lost Art of Mending and Hemming.

I hemmed a pair of Giovanni’s pants today. First time. How I managed to get through nine years and three kids without hemming a single pair of pants, I don’t know. Actually, I… Continue reading

Instead of Stuff: The Gift of Handwritten

So Christmas was yesterday. With all the day-after sales, folks are out en force shopping some more. Christmas was yesterday. And I still have another thought on gift-giving. Blame it on my friend.… Continue reading

Instead of Stuff: The Gift of Story

Along with still too many gifts under the tree, my kids woke to find an orange in their stocking on Christmas morning. It was my reminder to them that we have everything we… Continue reading

Instead of Stuff: The Gift of Time

We just got back from a two-hour hike. This was my family’s gift to me. Because the one thing I need, the only thing I need, is time. Time to relax. Time to… Continue reading

Instead of Stuff: The Gift of Experiences

My dear family really, really wants to get gifts for us. I understand. Since we’re a close family, and we live in different parts of the country, giving gifts to each other is… Continue reading